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Buying land in Hendersonville, NC allows you to build the home of your dreams. It's not just about the home, however. This location offer historic and small town charm with plenty for residents of all types to enjoy. Whether you're retiring or looking for a place to build the house of your dreams for your family, Hendersonville may be the right location.

The Hendersonville Revitalization

Over the past decade, Hendersonville has gained in popularity due to a revitalization of local businesses and may other areas of the town. It's a great place to buy land for your next home and offers a nearly perfect climate, plenty of recreation and amazing surroundings.

It's known as the City of Four Seasons and provides plenty for residents to enjoy. Many families come here for vacation, but many move here to enjoy the scenery, the climate, the friendly neighbors and the great recreational opportunities.

Downtown Hendersonville

The second-largest of the downtowns in Western North Carolina, Hendersonville offers so much to enjoy. The charm is oozing throughout the streets and the beautiful Main Street offers so much beauty you'll never want to leave. With more than 100 shops and over 20 restaurants, there's plenty to choose from. Of course, you can also enjoy the many galleries and unique beauty of the downtown.

The downtown is a part of the Main Street Program, which comes from the National Trust for Historic Preservation's program. This program has a goal of revitalizing the business districts of historic downtowns, such as Hendersonville, NC. It pays close attention to the promotion of the town, the design and the recruitment of new businesses.

Historic Attractions & Sites

Hendersonville isn't just about the beautiful scenery and the downtown, however. It's also home to the Henderson County Heritage Museum, which is found in a courthouse from 1905. In addition, it's home to the Mineral and Lapidary Museum, which has plenty of amazing exhibits all focused on minerals and dinosaurs.

The Hendersonville Rail Road Station is found here, as well. It dates back to 1902 and is located at Maple Street and 7th Avenue. Other historic attractions and sites in Hendersonville include:

Many buildings and areas throughout Hendersonville are listed on the National Registers of Historic Places.

Living in Hendersonville, NC

While you could buy a home in Hendersonville, there's also the option of finding Hendersonville land for sale and building the home of your dreams. Plenty of land is available and if you want to live in an area with a charming downtown, great mountain views and plenty of recreation, choosing Hendersonville won't be very difficult.

It's home to so much history, along with plenty of apples, wineries and other attractions. With so much to offer, you may come for a vacation and never leave or you could just decide this is the place to retire, raise your family or just get away from the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities.

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Hendersonville Land For Sale

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