by Reese Morgani, Buyer Specialist
Altamont Property Group

If you’re looking to get a better understand of Asheville and the surrounding areas, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. There are so many neighborhoods and towns within 20 minutes of Asheville, all with different topography, strengths, and things to do. I’ve compiled some of the best and most interesting links to articles and videos that will help you understand what these areas have to offer. There is so much to see that this is just a taste of what you can learn. To start, this video can give you a brief idea of what there is to do in Asheville and what makes it so unique. Next we’ll dive into particular neighborhoods and surrounding towns. 
Asheville has so many small neighborhoods, and they’re all well worthy of watching in these videos to get an idea of what might be the best fit for you.  Downtown Asheville is usually the place tourists are most likely to visit, but just North are our Montford and Grove Park Historic Districts. Continue north of those up to Country Club of Asheville and Beaver Lake. Further north you’ll find Woodfin and Weaverville. Once you pass Woodfin you are in a higher elevation. Here you will have a colder daily temperature and due to the mountains, you will get more snow. The French Broad River follows I-26 from Hendersonville all the way past Asheville so the river activities are all along the way over a 50-mile distance. 
Immediately south of downtown you are in the new South Slope brewery, art, and restaurant neighborhood area. Mission Hospital is just south of here and the Kenilworth area, which includes neighborhoods like this, stretches all the way to Biltmore Village. Continue beyond that to high-end neighborhoods like Biltmore Forest down to the Blue Ridge Parkway, which goes east to west. Further south, loads of subdivisions are found within the townships of Arden and Fletcher. They stretch all the way to Hendersonville and are of differing values depending on what you are looking for. Here you are at a slightly lower elevation and the temperatures will be warmer with less change from day to night. Apple orchards are the big produce in this area. Love bugs are common as they are a natural pesticide.  
Heading west out of downtown you have the River Arts District. Next comes West Asheville, which has a great park area that stretches all the way into what is called Carrier Park. Further west of West Asheville is the Biltmore Lake neighborhood. South of there you have the Bent Creek neighborhood and the Lake Powhatan Trail and camping area. This is a great trail area for mountain biking as it connects to the Arboretum and Blue Ridge Parkway as well.
East of Downtown you have the neighborhood of Haw Creek, and further out, the towns of Swannanoa and Black Mountain. These areas have a forest feel as there are a lot of protected lands due to agricultural and watershed areas. Southeast of Asheville is a scenic by-way through Hickory Nut Gorge starting at Fairview. This goes all the way to Lake Lure and Chimney Rock, passing a couple of small towns along the way; it’s a beautiful drive with farms you can visit along the way. 
I could keep going but I am sure this will be blowing your mind and take several days to digest. It should give you a good idea of what this area is about and why so many people are heading this way. What I have not even touched on here, however, are all the natural attractions and things to do in these areas and the cities just beyond. This area offers more and more new things to do and places to explore and is growing incredibly right now.

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