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How Premier Real Estate Marketing Makes a Difference

When it’s time to sell your property, you need more than just any real estate agent. Any agent can certainly list your property on the regular real estate websites, but a good listing agent will go above and beyond for you. The most skilled listing agents will position your property to stand out on the market, usually selling faster and for more money.

If your listing agent doesn’t fully understand the local market, demographics, and potential buyers, your property could sit on the market for months. Not only do you need to get your property listed, but you also need an agent willing to tell the story, sell the lifestyle, highlight the attributes, and demonstrate to potential buyers why your property is the right choice.

Start With The Basics

Every piece of real estate is unique, and the marketing should be approached as such. There is simply no ‘one size fits all’ answer for marketing a property. Different factors should be considered when planning to list a home, condominium, townhouse, vacant land, farm, commercial building, and more. The best listing agents first seek to understand the nuances of each individual property, then craft a marketing plan that will achieve success.

What All Real Estate Agents Will Do

No matter the agent you choose, they will certainly list your property on the MLS. Some real estate agents will hold open houses, add the property to their website and social media channels, and put it in the paper classifieds. This is very standard marketing, they are just a start and shouldn’t constitute the entire marketing plan.

When listing a property within the MLS database, it needs to be listed with intent and creativity. This goes for the listing on the agent’s website and on their social channels, as well. If an agent doesn’t venture out much past the basics of real estate marketing, there’s a possibility you’re missing out on a wider range of buyers and risk leaving money and market time on the table.

Comparing Premier Marketing to Traditional Marketing

When it comes to real estate marketing, you cannot take the strategies used for granted. This is your property we are talking about and probably the largest investment you have ever made. You want to sell it for top dollar and you don’t want to wait an unreasonable tome to get an offer.

Selling your property requires a great marketing plan from your listing agent. Some of the traditional strategies include:

  • Using the Multiple Listing Service or MLS

  • Listing the property on the agent’s website

  • Posting the property listing to social media channels

  • Holding public open houses

  • Putting a sign in front of the property

  • Taking out an ad in the newspaper or a local real estate publication

There are simply the most basic ways to market a property and they are still important, but certainly not enough. With about 90% of buyers starting their property search online, your listing agent needs to use innovative online marketing methods.

A listing agent with the ability to provide the best possible marketing will get your property  sold much faster. They will be able to give you up-front advice to ensure you can get your property ready for listing. This could include landscaping, staging, cosmetic repairs, noteworthy renovations, and decluttering to help make the property more appealing. First impressions are everything – a buyer usually knows within minutes if your property is the one or not, and they are also judging the price.

Once the property is ready for the market, your listing agent shoud employ a number of creative marketing strategies to ensure your property gains maximum exposure. They will still use all the traditional marketing methods, but they will also have additional marketing strategies already in place to help bring more potential buyers to your property. Some of the possible strategies a premier listing agent will use include:

  • Sending out real estate postcards to qualified buyers and throughout the neighborhood

  • Selling your property through Instagram Stories or other creative social strategies

  • Use video marketing to gain more views for your listing

  • Optimal pricing based on market data and market conditions

  • Holding both public and broker open houses

  • Utilize creative blogging tied into a solid social media marketing strategy to drive more traffic to your listing

  • Already have a list of potential buyers they can send an email newsletter to as soon as your property is listed for sale

  • Sell the property through excellent community pages highlighting the lifestyle and not just the house for sale

  • Network with other established brokers in the community. These brokers also have their buyer networks

  • Targeted web marketing tailored to the most likely demographic of buyer for your property

  • And More!

A premier listing agent should have a well thought out marketing plan ready to deploy as soon as your property hits the market. This marketing plan should be backed up by successful results and testimonials from past clients. There is a reason 20% of the agents sell 80% of the real estate, regardless of the market.

The Best Listing Agents are Very Creative

Creativity helps to sell properties. All listings may give the buyer the facts of the property, but they certainly don’t sell the buyer on the benefits, lifestyle or the community. The best listing agents will use creative strategies within the marketing plan to ensure your property gets more views, showings, and stands out above the competition.

When you find a great listing agent, they will make buyers feel like they are already a part of the community. They will also help to provide a different perspective of the property. This may be done by creative storytelling about the experience of the property, while also using professional photography, virtual tours, drone footage, videos, community spotlights, open houses and more!

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